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Shutting down services

Why? Due to financial issues, services will start shutting down. This is not due to not having money, but having a way to use it. It is impossible for me to access financial services like bank accounts and this forces me to use prepaid cards which is not sustainable because of currency conversions and the minimum credit purchase on being $25. This would make me buy a $50 CAD card to reload $25 USD on Fly which is about $30 CAD at the time of writing this, leaving me with $20 CAD on a card that I don’t have any use for. Shutting down services full article

Love virtual machines again: setup OpenGL graphics acceleration

If you’ve used virtual machines before, you probably know how slow they are. This is because there is no hardware acceleration for graphics. Using virgl graphics, you can drag windows around smoothly and play Minecraft and potentially other games with good performance. This will only work for Linux guests. Playing Minecraft at playable framerates. Intel/AMD graphics Enabling OpenGL acceleration on Intel or AMD graphics is very easy. If these steps don’t work, try the NVIDIA instructions below. Love virtual machines again: setup OpenGL graphics acceleration full article

Deploy your site to the decentralized web

⚠️ I can no longer recommend Fleek as they promote privacy invasive services such as Discord and Cloudflare. Their login page now uses Google Firebase, which I have blocked along with the rest of Google. Hosting static websites on a VPS is very wasteful, expensive, and not scalable. Using static hosting providers such as Cloudflare Pages has privacy implications and allows your site to be censored. Deploy your site to the decentralized web full article

Watch YouTube with RSS and mpv

The YouTube website is slow and bloated. They track everything you watch to know more about you. While theres solutions like FreeTube and Invidious, they both have their issues. On your phone, use NewPipe (on iOS, Invidious is your only option). FreeTube is an Electron app, this won’t solve any issues with the bloat of the official YouTube site. It will eat your memory but you’ll have privacy. Watch YouTube with RSS and mpv full article

Make your system Electron free

Electron is a cancer that soydevs use to build “apps”. These “apps” are just websites running in a web browser. Every Electron app runs an entire Chromium browser, this is why they can eat 500+ MB of memory. My Arch system is 100% Electron free, if I can do it, you can do it too. Electron uses too many system resources. The average Electron app consumes 500 MB of memory. Make your system Electron free full article

Move to Matrix

Matrix is a federated messaging service and a great alternative for communities. Discord communities can be bridged to Matrix to make migration easier. Because Matrix is federated, censoring users is almost impossible making it a great choice if you got banned from Discord. This guide will help you understand what Matrix is and how to move to it. Bringing your friends to Matrix Getting people to switch will be hard, talking to people about privacy is like talking to a brick wall. Move to Matrix full article

It's time to ditch Discord

When Discord launched back in 2015, it presented itself as an alternative to apps like Skype and TeamSpeak with “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak.”. Discord is widely used in gaming for text and voice chat. At the time, Discord was really compelling. It was completely “free” (free as in price, not as in freedom), unlike Teamspeak. It took the common Silicon Valley approach of not worrying about money until later. It's time to ditch Discord full article