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Site redesign

by imabritishcow

Nov 28, 2021

This site just got a new design! A refreshingly new modern design inspired by GNOME’s Adwaita theme. The site is still fast, lightweight and JavaScript free. It serves as a great example for what you can do with just HTML and CSS. Lighthouse gives a score of 100 for performance.

Fast and lightweight, just like before

We use new technologies to keep this site fast. Images are in SVG and AVIF format (if your browser supports it, can fallback to WEBP or JPG/PNG) to keep file sizes low. The CSS is only 229 lines and minified. And IPFS serves as a global CDN with to make it even faster. It’s completely JavaScript free too.

Clean, modern design

No underlines or blue links. It’s designed to feel like a native app on GNOME, macOS, and iOS. Rounded edges and smooth hover animations make it feel clean and modern.

Differences in font weight and color differentiate links instead of the traditional blue color and underline.

Minimalism, without sacrifices

This new design perfectly represents this. It’s fast, clean, and minimal but complete in functionality and beauty. There’s no more “Privacy Policy” link, just a badge that tells you that we don’t collect anything.