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Shutting down services

by imabritishcow

Oct 1, 2021


Due to financial issues, services will start shutting down. This is not due to not having money, but having a way to use it. It is impossible for me to access financial services like bank accounts and this forces me to use prepaid cards which is not sustainable because of currency conversions and the minimum credit purchase on being $25. This would make me buy a $50 CAD card to reload $25 USD on Fly which is about $30 CAD at the time of writing this, leaving me with $20 CAD on a card that I don’t have any use for.

The plan

Tor hidden services will continue to work. Redirects will be setup to avoid breaking links until January 2021. Librarian will still be available until more community instances are hosted, similar to the shutdown.

Service Plan
Librarian More unreliable hosting on home server
Libreddit Clearnet and hidden service shutdown
Nitter Clearnet shutdown, no change to hidden service
Whoogle Complete shutdown
Bibliogram No change
IPFS Apps No change


These projects have many other community hosted instances. Lists are linked below.

Service List
Librarian Codeberg
Libreddit GitHub
Nitter GitHub
Whoogle GitHub
Bibliogram Sourcehut